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Domain Industry Support


Policy and contacts within the industry – ICANN, ITU, UN, all gTLDs, ccTLDs and registrars
Representing customer interests in various policy working groups and industry meetings (ICANN, NamesCon, DomainPulse, WHD, GDD Summit, TLDCON, Domaining Europe, DomainForum and different IGFs.)
TLD consulting – change of control procedure and other material changes; preparation of application documents and campaign for round 2. Extra focus on brand TLDs.

Domain Industry

Our team has a decade of experience attending various domain industry meetings. We have a vast network of contacts and long experience in participation in various industry working groups. We are able to find solution to your domain industry problem. Some of the problems we solved:

  • ccTLD policy questions for small registries
  • Industry contacts between registries and registrars
  • Writing policy papers for customers on industry topics (IDN and whois)

TLD Management

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  • Full management of your top level domain name – hosting, support, daily operations with Onoma - own TLD management solution
  • Communication with ICANN, vendors, registrars and third parties
  • Abuse monitoring and TLD health solution – DoctorTLD
  • Domain statistics solution – SenseiStats
  • Fast registrar onboarding and streamlined procedure for bringing a TLD to market

Industry Event Support

Our team attends a lot of events around the year in various locations around the globe. Not everyone can afford to spend time and money to travel, even if the meetings are important for them. In this case, DotSensei comes to help you – we offer:

  • Representation of your interests on meetings and working groups
  • Participation in working groups and submission of your position on our behalf
  • Participation at domain auctions on behalf of customers

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